Growing an edible garden

Even if you have a small garden you can plant up a veggie patch to provide home-grown goodness. In addition to your conventional salad garden, and for something different, why not plant up a Meze garden and share your food garden with friends or family in Greek style with a local twist!




Meze is simply a selection of small dishes served with drinks as appetisers before the main meal. Planting up squashes, cucumbers, aubergines (eggplant), tomatoes, beans and sweet peppers, provides a bounty of colour, texture and flavour and a main dish is not even necessary. Catering couldn't be easier or healthier!




Your local garden centre or nursery will have a varied selection of seeds or seedlings that can be planted to provide you with all the ingredients you need to set out a meze platter. Seedlings will obviously produce results faster than seeds, but ask for advice if you are not sure what to plant and where.

In most instances, a bed of rich soil enhanced with organic compost and situated in a spot that receives plenty of sunshine is all that is required for planting most veggies. Some, however, require less sunshine than others, so be sure to plant in the best spot for each variety.




Regular watering and fertiliser are essential, and be sure to check regular for pests. With just a little TLC your vegetable garden will soon yield a bumper crop of home-grown ingredients that can be picked fresh and served.


Think about freshly grown ingredients for meze, accompanied by ice-cold white wine and happy hours spent eating delightedly in the cool shade of a tree.



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