December in the Garden

If you are spending the festive season at home, it’s time for some last-minute tweaking to get your garden ready for festivities. If you are planning on going away for the holidays there are a few ways to ensure your garden stays looking good and in tip-top condition during your absence.




Edible Gardening

Ode to the apricot tree! If you grew up in an old suburban area with a large backyard and are asked which garden tree you have the fondest memories of, there’s a good chance it will be the apricot tree… Find delicious recipes using freshly picked and home grown apricots.




Bedding Plant of the Month
When one hears the word “Marigold” it’s virtually impossible not to think of the gorgeous golden colour that many marigolds offer us. Offering their warm sunny colours for most of the year, outlasting many other annuals, it’s a little difficult to imagine that they are actually associated with grief, jealousy and cruelty in their native land, Mexico. Still used today in a Day of the Dead ceremonies, it is the Virgin Mary that inspired the name, meaning Mary’s Gold.




What to do in the garden this December:



If you are going away over December, we have a few tasks that you should consider tackling before you go:




What to Plant:




What to Sow:
Sow seeds of beetroot, sweet corn, Swiss chard and carrot in the veggie garden. Sow seed of winter broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower in seed trays.


What to Spray:

Pests to watch for:
• Scale on citrus trees
• Orange Dog caterpillar on citrus trees, spray with Garden Ripcord
• Tip-wilters on the soft tips of roses, dahlias and abelias
• Fruit fly on pumpkins, squashes and fruit trees.
• Codling moth on apples and pears (wrap sticky tape around the base of the tree)
• Amaryllis caterpillar on crinums and other bulbous plants
• Mildew on roses, dahlias and cleomes
• Whitefly on beans and fuchsias
• Rust on hollyhocks
• Pear slug on peaches, cherries prunus and ornamentals
• Outbreak of red spider mite during hot, dry weather


What to Feed:


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