Recycled plastic bottle bird feeder

Nothing says “come to my garden” quite like providing food for our feathered friends. Here's an easy DIY project for the kids to make on a weekend, and they can use materials that you already have in the home.

bird 1


plastic cold drink bottle (washed and dried)
wild bird seed
two wooden spoons


1. Carefully cut two ‘x' marks into your plastic bottle. They must be opposite each other and about 10-15cm from the bottom of the bottle. They should also be just tall enough for your wooden spoon handle to slide in. Do the same another 10-15 cm higher up, but on the other quarters of the bottle so that, when you slide both spoons in, they sit perpendicular to each other and form a cross when viewed from above.

bird 2

2. On the side with spoon, cut the top two flaps of the ‘x' shape, so that a small hole forms where your bird seed can run out. Repeat with the spoon above.

bird 3

3. Pour your wild bird seed into your soft drink bottle using the funnel. Tighten the lid properly, tie some string around it to form a loop, then hang it in a tree and wait for the birds to notice.

bird 4


bird 5




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