Edible Garden: Chives in the kitchen

chives 1

If you're not a fan of the pungent taste of raw onions, try using chives for a milder flavouring or garnish. Used as a culinary herb since the Middle Ages, this miniature version of the extended onion family (in botanical terms known as Allium schoenoprasum) adds a subtle flavour - without the tears!


February in the garden

garden 2

Hot, hot, hot. It's hot everywhere right now, but this month it is important to focus on your garden since now is the time to take soft cuttings, sow a first crop of winter vegetables and pop winter- and spring-flowering annuals in trays in most regions around the country.


Kids Project: Growing air plants

air 1

Air plants are a wonderful way to show children how plants can grow without soil. Tillandsia, or air plants, are plants that can grow not only without soil, but by actually being suspended in the air. In this project young children can create a hanging display of air plants and watch them grow.


Recycled plastic bottle bird feeder

bird 1

Nothing says “come to my garden” quite like providing food for our feathered friends. Here's an easy DIY project for the kids to make on a weekend, and they can use materials that you already have in the home.


Plant a tree for the future

tree 2

There are few things more rewarding that planting a tree for the future, and there are few people and places that will appreciate it more than a school playground filled with children. 


Outdoor living tips


It's the festive season and a time when family and friends will spend lots of time outdoors on the patio having a truly South African braai. Tile Africa and Chef Benny, Tsogo Sun Celebrity Chef and Masterchef SA judge, share some valuable advice for upgrading your patio to host the perfect braai.


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