Replace silicone seal in bathroom


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To prevent damage by moisture and possible mould, applying silicone sealer to sanitary fittings in a bathroom should be done when installed, and again when the sealer fails.


How to replace a pool pump

If there is one problem guaranteed to ruin your summer, it's when your pool pump decided to call it a day. your pool pump is not performing as it should, the first things to check are the Kreepy Krauly and the hose pipes. If the Kreepy is not functioning properly it can slow down water suction, or flow pressure. It is also a good idea to check the hoses for any holes, as these will also reduce the amount of water suction pressure into the pump. If the water pressure is still not as high as it should be, the next step would be to replace the pool pump.


Paint gutters and downspouts


While newer homes are fitted with pre-coated aluminium or zinc gutters, older homes with galvanised tin gutters will need to perform maintenance as and when required. 


Give your braai a makeover


There is no disputing the fact that South Africans love to braai. It's our national pastime, our preferred style of cooking during the summer, and our favourite way to gather friends and family together.  The average South African braai has to be ready for anything - at any time! Because we love a good braai, in winter or summer. Here are some tops tips on giving your braai a makeover.


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