Recycled can candle holders

Tea lights are a simple, attractive addition to pathways, stairs, or when hung around the garden to create a romantic atmosphere. Quick and easy to make, the holders can also be resprayed in another colour for an updated look.

candle 1


Recycled aluminium can/s
Long nail if using a hammer
Rust-Oleum spray paint in your choice of colour
Wire for the handle
Tea light candles
Hammer or drill / driver
Wooden shaft (for positioning the can securely)
Vice grip makes the job easier

This project takes about 15 minutes per can and costs around R80 if you use Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint


1. Clean the can/s well and remove and sharp edges. To make a consistent design, we printed a page full of dots and then cut a strip to wrap around each can, securing lightly with tape. You can make any design you prefer on the can.

candle 2
2. Slip the can over the wooden shaft and secure the can using the vice grip. To make the holes for the light to shine through, tap with a nail and hammer, or drill your desired pattern. Remember to make two holes on either side for the handle.

candle 3
3. Spray paint and allow to dry completely before using the wire to make a handle.

candle 4

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