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New LED Aesthetics

No longer do we have to settle for stranger weird and wonderful shapes and sizes with limited colour and functionality.

LED filament lamps are the closest energy efficient solution you will get to traditional 40W and 60W incandescent lamps. These lamps typically come in a 4W warm white option of the familiar globe, maxi globe, candle and flame candle shape.

Each 1W LED within the lamp resembles a linear ‘filament’ in form as well as in illuminance.  

Dimming is a fundamental function of lighting aesthetics within the home. This has been somewhat limited in the advent of energy efficient lighting as well as the high cost of dimmable units. This too has changed. There are now candle and downlight options available that are brighter and dim smoother than traditional incandescent versions.

These new stars in the LED market last up to 30 times longer than traditional incandescent lamps with a saving of up to 90% of the electricity consumed. With such large savings, long lifetime coupled with the aesthetics that we are all familiar with and love, it is difficult to deny the fact that LED technology has evolved to meet domestic home aesthetic necessities.

The final cherry on the top is the massive lifetime savings consumers can realise over the lifetime of these products. For example:

1 x 7W Dimmable Warm White LED Downlight 30 000hr:
Initial cost: R210 (Recommended retail price)
Replacement cost:  0 x R210
Total product cost: R210
Total electricity consumed over 30 000hrs @ R1.20/kWh:  R252

Total Cost of using LED: R462

1 x 50WDimmable Warm White Halogen Downlight 2000hr:
Initial cost: R25 (Recommended retail price)
Replacement cost:  14 x R25
Total product cost: R375
Total electricity consumed over 30 000hrs @ R1.20/kWh:  R1800

Total cost of using traditional Halogen: R2175

Total savings realised for each lamp replaced:  R1923

The logic speaks for itself!

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